Another way to learn Spanish

In Language and Cultural Encounters you can learn Spanish in an entertaining way by using the language to do things you enjoy, such as poetry, theatre, cooking or dance. We have designed a series of monographic workshops given by experts who have a great deal of experience, and in small groups to permit personalized attention  leading to good results in a short time. The workshops are very practical to help you learn Spanish in a different and fun way. Each workshop is for six hours, two hours a week for three weeks.


Poetry:  “The mSpanish language and poetry workshop in Seville / Taller de español y poesía en Sevillaost beautiful words in Spanish”, given by the poet Carmen Camacho, is a practical workshop to learn, play and fall even more in love with the Spanish language.

Spanish and theatre workshop / Taller de español y teatro


Theatre:  “Language is true theatre”. Through the scenes of the classic Lorca play, La casa de Bernarda Alba, the participants in this workshop will become immersed in a very special – but real –  place and time in Spain.  The workshop is given by Edi Carrascal, actress
and drama teacher.

Spanish colloquial language workshop / Taller de lenguaje coloquialColloquial language:  Learn the vocabulary and colloquial expressions of Spanish that you don’t find in textbooks.  Immerse yourself in the language of the street, of everyday life, and practice speaking it yourself! This workshop is given by one of the best poets in Spain, Carmen Camacho.

Spanish and belly dancing workshop/ Taller de español y danza del vientreBelly Dancing:  Increase your Spanish vocabulary at the same time as you strengthen your muscles, develop rhythm and, above all, have fun.  The workshop is taught by the dancer and Spanish teacher Jelén Blandon.

Flamenco:  Would you like to dance Sevillanas at the Fair?   Are you ready for the Rumba or Tanguillo?  Take your first steps in flamenco and its langu

Spanish and cooking workshop / Taller de español y cocina


Cooking:  Potato omelette, gazpacho, pescaíto frito…  In this workshop you’ll enter the world of Andalusian cooking and food shopping in a typical street market, and you’ll become familiar with the best tapas recipes.

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