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 Encounter for Spanish Language Teaching

University of Seville. School of Languages, Literature and Linguistics

The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains.The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.

William Arthur Ward

Information and inspiration are important elements for language teachers. Emphasis is placed on both at the LCE Encounter for Spanish Language Teaching. We believe in the importance of developing creativity, confidence and competence in language teaching.

Classes are taught by experienced professors from the University of Seville who are committed to broadening horizons and deepening knowledge while offering many practical ideas for teaching  Spanish in a wide variety of contexts.

During the three weeks of ENELE we will work together and share experiences with people from around the world.

We offer the participants:

  • Curso de formación en competencias didácticas de ELE (60 hours). The course has been designed taking into consideration the document Las competencias claves del profesorado de lenguas segundas y extranjeras prepared by the Cervantes Institute.
  • A wide range of cultural activities and recreational options that will take you to the heart of Spanish culture.
  • Comfortable lodging with carefully selected Spanish families. LCE offers the option of housing with teachers from Seville.
  • Discussions with writers, artists and experts in Hispanic studies to deepen their knowledge of Spanish culture.
  • Certification of course work.


           PROGRAM                                         CULTURAL ACTIVITIES