«He who has not seen Seville has yet to see a wonder»
Traditional Spanish proverb

Seville, capital of the region of Andalusia in the south of Spain, has a privileged geographical position and an incredible cultural heritage.  In Seville  you will find the passion of flamenco, celebrations like its world famous Holy Week and  Fair, and many other testimonies to the vitality of the city.  Seville is the projection of more than 2500 years of history, influenced by the many cultures that have reached the peninsula, and it was once the main European port to America.  While having one of the largest old quarters in Europe, Seville also offers all the benefits of a modern city, open to progress and innovation and with a significant international profile. Perhaps most important of all, its people are warm and friendly, always ready to welcome foreigners.

    The people of Seville are kind, hospitable and likeable. Foreign visitors consider Seville to be one of the “friendliest cities». It is famous for its festivals and flamenco but it also has a rich cultural heritage with many important monuments to visit. Our programs include diverse activities in the city. You will also have our guidance for information about your cultural, gastronomic and leisure preferences.

 Life in Seville is very enjoyable. The cuisine is varied and delicious, like the typical“tapas». Considering that Seville is an important city, life is not really expensive. Thanks to the good weather and the Mediterranean customs here, there is a lot of activity in the streets and squares of the city, making it an ideal place to learn more about the Spanish culture and to have opportunities to practice speaking the language.

The city is safe and well communicated, and you can get around easily walking, by bicycle or with public transportation. There is a large network of city buses, and if you like bicycles, Seville is the perfect place for you. The City Council offers an inexpensive bike rental service.

 Seville enjoys a privileged geographical position and has many ties with Europe, Africa and America. It is very well connected to other Spanish cities and also to many places in Europe.

.   You will travel to fascinating nearby cities such as Granada, Córdoba and Cádiz.
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