Study in Spain with LCE

Estudiantes en la Universidad de SevillaWith LCE you will have the opportunity to study in Spain with a wide variety of programs and courses, with different services that you can choose so the experience will connect with your wishes and needs.

You will study at the University of Seville, a public university founded more than five hundred years ago. Today it is recognized as a Campus of International Excellence, one of the top universities in Spain and a leader in study abroad programs which receives over 4,000 international students annually.


The Campus consists of 132 Departments, 80,000 m2 of sports facilities certified as Superior Athletics Facilities, libraries, computer centers, etc.

Studies are adapted to the European Higher Education Area. Official transcripts are issued by the University of Seville.

There are different options for studying at the University of Seville:

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You can select the academic program with the courses that interest you most.

The University of Seville offers these courses and provides certificates for all the courses taken.

Furthermore, as an international student you will have:

  • Access to the Culture Zone (Theater, Cinema, Poetry or  Music) and the Sports Zone.
  • Language Exchanges with Spanish students.
  • Use of computer centers and libraries.

With your registration fee you will have…

  • The academic program you choose.
  • Pre-departure orientation
  • Visa assistance.
  • Medical insurance.
  • Airport reception and transfer to housing.
  • Housing with our specially selected Spanish families.
  • On site assistance.
  • City orientation and activities to learn about Seville and Spanish culture.
  • Field trips.
  • Personalized activities guidance.
  • Guidance in academic matters.
  • Course certification from the University of Seville.

You can add any of the following supplements to your basic registration fee:

  • Volunteer work and/or internships.
  • Other special activities related to your particular interests.
  • Trips to different cities in Spain to continue learning about the Spanish language and culture.

Before leaving for Spain

Studying with LCE, you will have our guidance right from the beginning.

  • We will help you to find the program of studies that is most appropriate for your academic needs.
  • Information necessary for getting a visa will be provided.
  • We will study your profile in order to place you with the most suitable family.
  • You can discuss with us the options if you want to do volunteer work or have an internship.

When you arrive in Seville

  • We will pick you up at the airport, take you to your specially selected family and help you to settle in to your new situation so you will be as comfortable as possible.
  • You will have a room with a Spanish family, your own set of keys, access to internet, three meals a day, cleaning and laundry once a week. Thanks to your family you will get to know more about Spanish customs and you will greatly improve your Spanish.


At LCE we know that you learn both inside and outside the classroom. For this reason our specially selected families are important for a real immersion in Spanish life. The LCE team has chosen them very carefully and worked with them to ensure they contribute to creating a very good experience for our students.

During your stay in Spain

  • With LCE medical assistance is provided.
  • You will have our assistance in academic matters and also if you wish to do volunteer work or to have an internship.
  • We will give you personalized guidance for the cultural and leisure activities available, taking into account your interests and preferences.

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