Staff & Collaborators

LCE has a team of coordinators and a wide network of highly qualified professionals who collaborate with our projects.

LCE creates diverse types of encounters related to language and culture. Each encounter is unique and we work with a group of experts in their respective fields who bring creative ideas to the project in which they participate.

Dr. Marcos Crespo, Director

_DSC3800Marcos holds a PhD in Social and Cultural Anthropology and a degree in Philosophy from the University of Seville. His wide range of interests has led him also to take courses in Arabic Studies, History and Art at the University of Seville. He has diverse conference presentations and publications which focus on topics related to Seville and the Andalusian culture.

Marcos has extensive experience with orientation sessions, field trips and cultural immersion activities for international students in Seville, and has taught courses in Spanish Culture and Civilization and Lectura y composición en español at the Pablo de Olavide University, Seville.

He has been involved in numerous multidisciplinary projects in journalism, literature, script writing, book edition, music and art for private and public institutions.

Dr. Jane Arnold, Academic director

_DSC3792Jane is Full Professor of Language Teaching Methodology at the University of Seville and has a PhD from the University of Seville and an MA from New York University. She participates in several Masters programs related to teaching Spanish as a foreign language.

She has collaborated with the Cervantes Institute in Madrid, Alcalá de Henares, New York, Vienna, Berlin, Hamburg, Bremen, Istanbul, Stockholm, Brussels or Casablanca.

A member of advisory boards for several language teaching publications and organizations, she is Director of the series Profesor con Recursos  with SGEL Publishers.  Among her publications are: La dimensión afectiva en el aprendizaje de idiomas (Cambridge University Press/Edinumen), Meaningful Action. The Influence of Earl Stevick in Language Teaching (Cambridge University Press), Imagínalo.Imágenes mentales en la clase de ELE (SGEL), Atención a la dimensión afectiva en la enseñanza del español (Edinumen).

For Jane teaching is more than a profession, it is a passion.

María Coronada Vázquez, Communications Coordinator

_DSC3751Maria Coronada has a degree in Journalism from the University of Seville and is a specialist in Institutional Communication as well as  Political and Digital Marketing. 

She has worked at different press offices and has participated in the organization and publicity of many events related to consumerism, art, Contemporary creation, cinema, theatre, music and poetry.  She has also collaborated with several publications as well as news and entertainment programs on radio and television.
She likes poetry, cooking, eating, listening and speaking, not necessarily in that order.


Dr. Camen Fonseca, Academic consultant

fonseca formacion avanzada profesores ele enele

Carmen Fonseca is a professor and researcher at the University of Huelva. Since 2002 she has directed the research group  ReALL (Research in Affective Language Learning). Her areas of research in language teaching include music and language learning, multiple intelligences, gender, communication and the affective component of language teaching. She has directed serveral research projects about music and reading abilities in a foreign language, and she is a member of the European Council for Languages which deals with linguistic policies for higher education.
She has given lectures and workshops for teachers’ organizations in many countries, for the Instituto Cervantes  and for national and international universities. Among her publications are the books  Melodies, Rhythm and Cognition in Foreign Language Learning (2016),  Inteligencias Múltiples en el aula de español como lengua extranjera (2012),  Inteligencias múltiples, múltiples formas de enseñar inglés (2002).

José Manuel Foncubierta, Academic consultant 


José Manuel Foncubierta Muriel has an MA in Spanish teaching and in teacher formation from the University of Alcalá de Henares and is doing a PhD at the University of Huelva/University of Lovaina. He is consultant and technical director of the on-line Masters for teaching Spanish as a foreign and second language at the University of La Rioja, and he also collaborates with MA programs at other universities and with the Instituto Cervantes. He is professor of Spanish and language teaching methodology in the Centro Superior de Lenguas Modernas of the University of Cadiz. He has written materials for language teaching and a book for teacher formation with Jane Arnold: La atención a los factores afectivos en la enseñanza de ELE (Edinumen). He is a member of the group ReALL, Research in Affective Language Learning.

Dr. Paula Lorente, Academic consultant

paula lorente enele 2015 captura Paula has a PhD in Linguistics from the University of Louvain (UCL) in Belgium and an MA in Classical Philology from the University of Oviedo. She has been teaching Spanish as a foreign language in different European institutions for fifteen years and is now Premier Maïtre de Langues at the Institute of Modern Languages of the University of Louvain where she teaches Spanish and organizes the DELE exams, for which she is the chief examiner. She coordinates the Certificado interuniversitario de perfeccionamiento y actualización didáctica ELE at Louvain (UCL / KU Leuven) as well as the Rencontres didactiques (ELE), workshops organized at the UCL for Spanish teachers in Belgium.